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Winter Special is a graphic novel featuring The Loud House comics, published by Papercutz on October 6, 2020.

Official Description

Winter is about to get a whole lot more chaotic with the cast of The Loud House and The Casagrandes. Hit the slopes with Ronnie Anne Santiago and her best friend Sid or hit the ice with Lily who can skate like nobody’s watching. To warm up, enjoy a frothy cup of hot cocoa―but who has a better recipe, Abuela or Mr. Chang? Decorate some ornaments or a gingerbread house with the Loud kids―Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Lynn, Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily. Or just curl up with your favorite online game…on a frozen computer. No matter, Luan has a puppet show to make you think of warmer weather. All this and more with laughs, family, and lots and lots of chaos.


Hung with Care

  • Writer: Kacey Huang
  • Artist, Colorist: Kelsey Wooley
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

While observing Lily make a homemade ornament, the kids decide to reminisce their first homemade ornaments hanging on the tree.

Cocoa Loco

  • Writer: Kristen G. Smith
  • Artist, Colorist: Zazo Aguiar
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Rosa and Stanley decide to have a little competition to see whose hot chocolate recipe is better.

Puppet Punishment

Mr. Coconuts and Mrs. Appleblossom's puppet pun-off is interrupted by another jokester.

Sledding the Gnar

  • Writer: Kristen G. Smith
  • Artist, Colorist: Ron Bradley
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Ronnie Anne is excited to sled down a giant hill, and Sid opts to stay behind and play with a lemur. However, the lemur goes loose and Sid has no other choice but to face her fear of sledding to capture him.

I, Lily

  • Writer: Caitlin Fein
  • Artist, Colorist: Daniela Rodriguez
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lily dreams of being a star figure skater while Lola is at figure skating practice.

Best in Snow

Charles bring a chilly surprise into the house.

Geo's New Home

  • Writer: Kacey Huang
  • Artist, Colorist: Kelsey Wooley
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

When his hamster ball breaks after a trip down the stairs, Geo goes searching for new place to stay, where he visits all kinds of unique homes from unique kinds of people.

Barnyard Blizzard

Seeing his cows freezing in the barn, there's "mutton" Liam can't do warm them up.

A Glittering Recipe

  • Writer: Julia Rothenbuhler-Garcia
  • Artist, Colorist: Tyler Koberstein
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Ronnie Anne and Sid try to make rosca bread for Rosa, but Adelaide's interference might ruin things.

Freeze Fray

When Lincoln's laptop freezes, each of his friends try to figure out how to fix it.

Mitten Mayhem

  • Writer: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
  • Artist: Angela Zhang
  • Colorist: Maaike Scherff
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

The kids discover the potential of having mismatched gloves/mittens.

Meowy Catmas

  • Writer: Caitlin Fein
  • Artist, Colorist: Kelsey Wooley
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Clyde tries to keep Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti distracted long enough so they don't open Christmas presents early.

Operation X-Mas

  • Writer: Jair Holguin
  • Artist, Colorist: George Holguin
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lisa, Lola and Lana have a secret plan disguised as playdates with their friends.

Unlikely Superheroes

Fangs dreams of himself and Lucy as a dynamic superhero duo.

Ocean 11

  • Writer: Derek Fridolfs
  • Artist, Colorist: Tyler Koberstein
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Sneak peek of Who's the Loudest?: The family proceeds to have a fun day at the beach, and a treasure map in a bottle might make the trip even more fun.


  • The "Meet the Loud Family and Friends!" section expanded and was revised to include profiles for Benny, Mrs. Appleblossom, Sid, Stanley, Becca, and Adelaide, and has the Loud children in winter wear.
    • It's revealed that Benny's last name is Stein.
    • Mrs. Appleblossom, Laird, Adelaide, and Darcy make their debuts in the graphic novel series.
  • One of the audience members in Lily's dream is the mechanical toy cat from the original title sequence for Rugrats.
  • "Operation X-Mas" marks the first time in any Loud House media that Leni is seen driving since it was indicated in "Lana Loud" that Leni was now able to drive Vanzilla.
  • It's revealed that the Loud children all made Christmas ornaments at the age of one.
  • "Cocoa Loco" reveals that:
    • Ronnie Anne and Sid like hot chocolate.
    • Mr. Chang makes a Chinese type of hot chocolate that includes five-spice mix.
    • Rosa makes a Mexican type of hot chocolate that includes cinnamon and piloncillo.
  • Sid is revealed to take it as a compliment when somebody calls her actions crazy.
  • Liam is revealed to own three cows and three sheep. Two of the cows would later be revealed to be named Bessie ("Cow Pie Kid") and Daisy ("Farm to Unstable").


  • In "A Glittering Recipe", Sid's line "Is it supposed to look like that?" is misspelled as "Is it's supposed to look like that?"
  • In "Mitten Mayhem", when Luna is wearing her mismatched gloves, the lines on her skirt aren't there.

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