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Wolfgang Schaeffer is an actor who portrayed Lincoln Loud in A Loud House Christmas, and is slated to reprise the role in the upcoming live-action series.[1]

He was previously known for playing a young Shelby Mattson in Criminal Minds.



  • If he could give Lincoln a gift, he would give him a subscription to Paramount+ so they could watch A Loud House Christmas together, in addition to some new orange polos.[2]
  • His favorite moment of filming on set was when a snowball fight scene was filmed.[2]
  • When filming for the movie ended, the crew let him keep a pair of Lincoln's shoes. If he could keep something else from the set, he would keep an orange polo (which he hopes to if another live-action film is made).[2]
    • If another movie is made, he would want it to either be based on a different holiday than Christmas, or involve Lisa cloning the Loud family.[2]
  • "A Loud House Christmas Holiday Party" reveals several things about him:
    • He would rather be caught in one of Lisa's explosions than get scared by one of Lucy's pop-ups.
    • He would rather attend Luan's comedy gig than Luna's concert.
    • He knows more about the movie than Jahzir Bruno. (The score was 3-2)
    • He and Bruno both know the lyrics to at least one Christmas carol.
  • During the time between filming scenes, Schaeffer would pass the time by solving a Rubik's cube.[3]

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