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Got kicked out, Zach Attack?
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"Zach Attack" is the nineteenth episode (twentieth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-eighteenth episode of The Loud House.


Zach and Rusty fake an alien landing that sends the whole town on a hunt for little green men.


At the Gurdle house, Zach wakes up and reads from his UFO observation equipment that today's the day a UFO spaceship will pass by tonight. Later, at the middle school, Zach tells the information to his friends and says that for the momentous occasion that only occurs every 43 years, he'll be hosting a fly-by party at his house, and begins to invite his classmates. When Chandler, Trent and Richie get an invitation, they decide to join along so they can rub in "I told you so" should there be no UFO. Realizing his impending humiliation, the gang asks Zach if this is a good idea, and Zach is adamant that a UFO will arrive.

At night, at the Gurdle House, the classmates are impatiently waiting for the UFO to arrive after sitting for two hours with nothing happening (and Rusty playing a French horn incorrectly). Suddenly, a silhouette of a UFO appears in the sky, and everyone thinks it's actually a UFO. However, it turns out to be Flip's airplane promoting his store. After being rubbed in by Chandler, the students begin to leave, thinking they wasted their time for nothing. In a last-ditch effort, Zach runs up to Rusty and asks for his help. Entering Zach's room, Zach instructs Rusty to shine a flashlight with a UFO outline across the sky to make it look like a UFO is flying by. Rusty does as instructed, and the students quickly fall for the trick. However, when the "UFO" begins to fly around in random directions, Zach enters his room and discovers that Rusty is showing off. When Zach tries to stop him so that the students don't get suspicious, they accidentally drop the flashlight, making the "UFO" appear as if it landed. When it appears as if the UFO landed in Tall Timbers Park, Mr. and Mrs. Gurdle immediately initiate a search party.

At Tall Timbers Park, the students and Zach's parents search for the UFO. When they find nothing, Mr. Gurdle believes that the UFO has evaporated, and the aliens have taken on a human form. He states that aliens tend to do this when they're planning for an attack. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Gurdle tells the already frightened kids to spread the word as quick as possible.

The next day, news of aliens invading Royal Woods is spread everywhere, as it's printed on newspapers, and on the news, where Katherine Mulligan thinks there are aliens after Zach hesitantly answers her question of aliens being real. As the mayor holds a public speech, the crowd quickly turns on each other, as every statement they bring up could be seen as things that only aliens would say. Realizing the mess he created, Zach tells his friends that the whole stir-up was his fault, and he wants it to end. After asking for their help, they agree, and ask what he has in mind.

Later, Royal Woods has become desolate, as all the doors and windows on every building are boarded up, and people have shut themselves in their houses. Zach, all alone on the street, pulls out a megaphone and tells the citizens that he has located the aliens and says they're going to take off. Arriving to Tall Timbers Park, Zach leads the crowd to a glowing portion of the park, where the "aliens" are seen (being portrayed by Stella, Liam and Rusty). They state in an alien language (translated by Zach) that they're going to their home planet, are sorry for causing trouble, and state that the only reason they came was for Mrs. Gurdle's cookies. The "aliens" board their ship, being hoisted by Lincoln and Clyde. However, when Lincoln tries to pull his rope, the branch he has it roped around breaks, causing the ship to fall and break apart. Scoots thinks that this sight means that the aliens aren't leaving and are planning to attack them. Zach tries to tell the crowd to stay away, but the crowd, thinking he doesn't know what he's talking about, are prepared to attack them. Realizing he can't lie anymore, Zach reveals that the aliens are fake, as well as the invasion. Zach explains that during his UFO sighting party, he staged a fake UFO sighting, and eventually let it get out of hand. When Zach remains adamant at proving that aliens do exist, the crowd leaves, upset at having wasted their time for nothing.

As Chandler once again rubs it into Zach's face that aliens aren't real, the crowd soon discovers an actual UFO flying by, and Zach is happy to know that he proved to everyone that aliens are real. Unbeknownst to everyone, the UFO they're seeing is actually a remote-controlled drone being controlled by Flip, where he explains to the viewers that as long as people keep believing in aliens, he'll make more profits.


Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lisa, Lily, Rita, Mayor Davis, Trent, Richie, Emma, Errol and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first Loud House episode since the season premiere to not premiere on the same day as a Casagrandes episode.
  • This, its sister episode, "Season's Cheatings"/"A Flipmas Carol", "Camped!", "How the Best Was Won", and "Appetite for Destruction"/"Frame on You" are the only Season 5 episodes to not premiere on a Friday.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a crater on the moon.
  • In this episode, Zach is called by his full first name Zachary.
  • Lana is the only Loud sibling to not appear in this episode.
  • This episode seems to be taking place on a weekend, being the only reason Lori is staying with her family, and why she was part of the mob.
  • This and its partner episode were aired as a lead-in to the series premiere of the game show Tooned In.
  • During a live stream held on Nickelodeon's official Twitch channel on May 27, 2021, Anna Grace Hill remarked this was one of her favorite episodes to storyboard. As a huge fan of Invader ZIM, it felt to her a lot like working with Dib, that series' own paranoid alien believer.
  • Cartoon physics: Mr. Gurdle took a big megaphone from his pocket and accidentally knocked down his son.


  • Zach Attack - The title of this episode is a pun on "snack attack", which refers to a quick meal in-between main meals.
  • They Live - The idea of the aliens posing as humans is identical to this 1988 sci-fi film, which involves an alien race concealing their identities as humans.
  • Pocono Mountains - Rusty says that he can have his cousin Derek help Zach change identities and move him to this Pennsylvanian mountain range in order to avoid the humiliation of believing in aliens.


  • Chandler, Stella, Richie, Emma, Girl Jordan and the unnamed student girl weren't among kids near lake in Tall Timber Park despite in earlier scene they were invited by Zach's parents to look for aliens. Also in next scene Chandler and Richie are present despite not being there earlier.
  • After Zach revealed he lied, then Flip used a drone, Liam's back teeth lacked diastema. They looked like beaver teeth instead.
  • In the beginning scene where Zach jumped onto his bed, his left eye is blue which is the same color as his glasses.


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