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Zachary "Zach" Gurdle is a supporting character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates and close friends.


Zach is the son of two parents whom are both obsessed with aliens. According to Lincoln, Zach lives between a circus and a freeway.[1]


Not much known is about him so far, aside from the fact that he is one of Lincoln's best friends. He's shown to be a nerdy kid who isn't very social and is interested in sci-fi, especially aliens as shown in "Zach Attack."


Zach is a short kid with wild unkempt red hair, glasses, buck teeth, and freckles on his cheeks. He wears a white and blue striped polo shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.


  • "Family Tree" confirms that his last name is Gurdle.
    • It's also revealed in the book that he's obsessed with aliens and conspiracy theories.
  • He seems to excel more at physical than mental activities, because he prefers P.E. over chemistry[2] and Lincoln considers him "not bright."[3]
  • He always watches the same alien movie before going to bed.[4]
  • He can roll a 45 with dice.[5]
  • In "Everybody Loves Leni", Lincoln mentions that he once hung out with Zach and Rusty so much, Clyde and Liam felt like they were being left out, so he united all of them.
  • Zach along with Liam and Rusty are the first recurring characters to get an episode centered entirely around them.
  • Zach Attack is so far the only episode that solely focuses on him.


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