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Zachary "Zach" Gurdle is a supporting character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates and close friends.


Zach is the son of two parents whom are both obsessed with aliens. According to Lincoln, Zach lives between a circus and a freeway.

He first appears in "Overnight Success", as one of the schoolmates that Lincoln invited to his sleepover, but because of Lincoln's sisters, he refuses to stay at his house.

He reappears again in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", where he is one of the many boys seeking advice about girls from Lincoln. Lincoln then suggests he learn basic chemistry in order to get Kat to like him, much to his displeasure. Later, he accidentally burns Kat's braids in attempt to impress her with his chemistry skills. He then points to Lincoln, saying he told him to do it.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Zach, alongside Liam and Rusty, are seen unsuccessfully trying to get dates for the school's Sadie Hawkins dance. Later at the dance, Lincoln and Clyde recruit the trio's assistance, by having them handle the former's four dates, while Lincoln tries to hide from Ronnie Anne. Zach ends up having a good time with Giggles.

In "Study Muffin", he can be seen giving a gift to Ms. DiMartino.

In "Intern for the Worse", he can be seen at the career fair.

In "Making the Grade", he, along with Rusty and Liam, refuse to let Lincoln sit at their lunch table, due to Lisa's intelligence.

In "Out of the Picture", he shows Lincoln and Clyde their picture in the yearbook.

In "Back Out There", he, Clyde, Liam, and Rusty notice that Lincoln is standing outside Ronnie Anne's old house, and think that he is struggling with post breakup blues. They help him try to get over her by doing several activities together, and to find him some new girls.

In "Yes Man", he attends SMOOCH with Lincoln, Clyde, and Liam.

In "A Fridge Too Far", he tells Liam he got corn for the answer on the test.

In "Fool Me Twice", he plays tetherball against Lynn's double.

In "Teachers' Union", he feels skeptical about the situation in gym class, wanting more to use the parachute than go through the obstacle course.

In "Pasture Bedtime", he, along with Lincoln, Clyde, and Rusty, attend Liam's sleepover. Feeling jealous of the student who are attending Girl Jordan's party, they sneak out and go there, only to regret this decision and return back to Liam's place.

In "Be Stella My Heart", he falls in love with Stella, whom she asked him for a laser tagging and happily accepts, much to Lincoln's, Rusty's, and Liam's jealousy. When Stella chooses Clyde for a Dance Dance Revolution, Zach becomes jealous with rage, punches the nearby drinking fountain, hurting his hand in the process. Later he pelted Rusty in the face with a dodgeball as payback for the mustard and gets pelted by Liam as payback for blinding him.

In "Everybody Loves Leni", Lincoln mentions that he once hung out with Zach and Rusty so much, Clyde and Liam felt like they were being left out, so he united all of them.

In "Predict Ability", he remarks how Lincoln has chosen Clyde to be his partner every day since they were in kindergarten. With Lincoln feeling anxious because of his predictability level, Zach also appears in his dream, and then again in a different dream where Lincoln runs out of original ideas.

In "Racing Hearts", he an Rusty team up for the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest.

In "Antiqued Off", he and Clyde bond over antiques.

In "Tails of Woe", he brings up the rat beast.

In "Stall Monitor", he makes his parents believe that Mrs. Johnson is an alien in order to prevent Rita and Lynn, Sr. from seeing Mrs. Johnson.

In "Brave the Last Dance", he assists Lincoln and his friends with helping Clyde to prepare to ask Emma to the Valentine's Day dance. When Clyde misses the dance, he, Lincoln, and Rusty try to get him to come.

In "Tough Cookies", Lincoln and Clyde make him work for them to increase the production of cookies in order to meet the demands. After Liam's cow causes an accident, he and his friends leave to begin working on their History projects.

In "Wheel and Deal", he competes in the soap box derby.

In "Friends in Dry Places", Lincoln worries that their friendship is drifting apart, so he and Clyde sign Zach up for the dunes hike, along with Liam, Rusty, and Stella.

In "Schooled!", he and his friends fail to keep everything in order with Lincoln separated from them. After Lincoln is sent to school in Canada, Zach and the rest of Lincoln's friend group work hard to bring him back to Royal Woods.

In "Kernel of Truth", he and his friends reboot the Action News Team and seek to discover who was responsible for the theft of popcorn from the truck that delivers it.

In "Saved by the Spell", he attempts to sabotage Lincoln in order to stop him from performing at the talent show.

In "No Bus No Fuss", he and his friends try to figure out ways to make it to school without dealing with the bullies on the bus.

In "Zach Attack", he invites the entire sixth grade at Royal Woods Middle School to a viewing party, believing that it was the exact night when there would be UFO sightings. When the "UFO" turns out to be only Flip flying an airplane with a banner advertising his store, Zach decides to make everybody believe that there actually would be a UFO sighting that night, he stages it by making Rusty do a flyby with a flashlight. Not wanting him to put on a whole show, they fight over the flashlight, which falls below the window where the light was shining, causing the whole town to believe that the supposed UFO made a crash landing in the middle of Tall Timbers Park. Feeling anxious about creating the whole mess that he created, he decides to stage the UFO leaving as well.

In "Flying Solo", he, Rusty, and Stella join the Home Ec Club.

In "Rumor Has It", he goes on the field with Lincoln and his friends, with Mr. Bolhofner driving them there. However, once the school van runs into a roadblock, they are forced to stay with Mr. Bolhofner in his cabin in the woods. Scared of him because of all of the rumors about him, they trap Mr. Bolhofner and escape, hoping to stay alive, only for him to return and teach them that the rumors are not true.

In "Grub Snub", he, along with the rest of Lincoln's friend group, competes with Leni and her friends to win their hangout time at Gus' Games and Grub all to themselves.

In "Broadcast Blues", he allows Chandler to join the Action News Team so that they can earn new technology, only for everyone to regret doing this when he begins to bully other students on camera.


Zach is a short kid with wild unkempt red hair, glasses, buck teeth, and freckles on his cheeks. He wears a white and blue striped polo shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.


  • According to Lincoln's statement in "Overnight Success", he lives "between a freeway and a circus."
  • "Family Tree" confirms that his last name is Gurdle.
    • It's also revealed in the book that he's obsessed with aliens and conspiracy theories.
  • He seems to excel more at physical than mental activities, because he prefers P.E. over chemistry in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", and Lincoln considers him "not bright" in "Making the Grade".
  • In "Predict Ability", it is revealed that Zach always watches the same alien movie before going to bed.
  • "Ultimate Hangout" reveals that he can roll a 45 with dice.

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