This page shows all Zach Gurdle's different attires he has worn throughout Season 2 and Season 3, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
S2E15A Zach and Rusty assuming
Various episodes During dodgeball, Zach wears a red shirt, with horizontal black stripe, a yellow collar, and red shorts.

Season Two

S2E15A Boys with suits "Back Out There" Zach was wearing a white suit, white trousers, and brown shoes.
S2E15A New hairstyles Zach was still wearing a white suit, white trousers, brown shoes, and had a different hairstyle.
S2E15A Zach riding a go-kart Along with wearing the same new outfit, and brown shoes, Zach wears a yellow helmet while Go-Karting.
S2E20A Friends dressed for SMOOCH "Yes Man"

Season Three

S03E11A Intergalactic groove "Pasture Bedtime" Zach has a tattoo on his face, and his hair is dyed with gold and silver color.
Laser Tag Stella and Zach "Be Stella My Heart" Zack wears his laser tag outfit.
S3E25B Yellow Glasses "Antiqued Off" Zach wears yellow glasses.
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