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"Zoo-mergency!" is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season, the sixty-fourth episode, and the fourth full-length episode of The Casagrandes.


After a zoo fundraiser goes wrong, Sid must save the day with her family.


Act I

In the Chang apartment, Sid and Adelaide and some of the zoo animals are dancing to Twelve is Midnight, and Stanley is making his famous pizza bao for his daughters. As the girls and their father eat their lunch, Becca arrives home sad. She explains that the zoo is on the verge of shutting down, saying that the place hasn't made enough money in recent times. Not wanting the zoo to shut down (as it would mean having to get rid of all the animals), Sid steps in and offers her help in saving the zoo.

At the zoo, Sid presents her first idea to Becca, which is having the monkeys be waiters to serve food to the visitors, saying that if people come to the zoo to see animals, it'll be just as fun to interact with them. At first, the plan seems to be going well, but it turns out that Sid hasn't properly trained them, as they begin to have a food fight with their trays of cupcakes. With that plan a bust, Sid decides to go to her next plan. At the same time, Adelaide, saddened of the news of the zoo shutting down because it would mean having to say goodbye to a family of marmosets she admires, decides that she must help the marmoset family escape, while also trying to avoid getting caught by the zoo's strict security guard, Paul.

Sid's second idea is that she built a skate park that both the visitors and the animals can use. Like the first plan, it seems to be going well, especially for Sid's friends, but when Sid encourages her father give skateboarding a try, Stanley gets into a series of mishaps that causes him to fly right into Bitsy's butt, causing giant mammal to spray water in pain, grossing out the visitors. As a result, Becca suggests to Sid that the next idea be something more tame, and Sid agrees. Back at Adelaide, she tells the marmoset family her plan of tunneling their way under the zoo to escape.

For Sid's third idea, she suggests a standard fun fair. However, because she wants to make the attraction more interactive, she has several fun attractions that end up backfiring in some way, like CJ and Carlota's hairstyling booth infuriating Priscilla when Sergio flirts with Miranda's peacock hair, Bitsy throwing paint at Vito when he criticizes a portrait of him, and the first animal at the open mic is a cockatiel whose atrocious singing makes the visitors run away. During the chaos, Adelaide orders the marmosets to start digging.

Later, as Sid, Becca and Stanley clean up the mess caused by the fair, Sid announces her next idea of a K-pop dance party, saying that no one can resist dancing to K-pop, but Becca, fearing that it'll be just as disastrous as her past ideas, makes the recommendation of hosting a charity gala, and Sid agrees, offering her help as well. However, Becca and Stanley are afraid that Sid might cause trouble.

Act II

At nighttime, the charity gala is being held at the zoo. The guests dance to the music provided by Carl, and as more visitors (including the Casagrandes) arrive, Becca informs them that they need to raise enough money to completely fill their meter. As Hector eagerly gives his donations just for Stanley's pizza bao (provided by Breakfast Bot), Sid arrives and says she's ready to help. Before she could suggest her K-pop dance party idea, Becca suggests to Sid that she welcome the guests at the entrance. However, when Sid decides to improvise by trying to mimic the animals, she ends up scaring the visitors, forcing Becca to consider something else. Meanwhile, Adelaide and the marmosets, having completed their tunnel, jump in to prepare for their escape.

Approaching Stanley and Breakfast Bot, Becca tells Sid that she can help serving pizza bao. As Breakfast Bot goes to rest, Sid decides to improvise on serving the bao faster by having Bitsy launch them, which only succeeds in knocking down the guests (and for those who actually get a bao in their mouths hurt their throat), forcing Becca to once again assign a different task to Sid. At the same time, as Adelaide and the marmosets trek through their tunnel, Paul hammers a sign into the ground, partially blocking off the path. Adelaide and the largest marmoset, Uncle Monty, are unable to pass through the blockage, forcing Adelaide to tell the marmosets to keep on going while she and Uncle Monty to try and find another way.

As Becca looks over the donation meter, Stanley arrives and asks where Sid is. Becca says she sent Sid to get some ice, saying it's the only task she could assign that "she wouldn't twist into something so... Sid". This causes Becca to admit that Sid's ideas are "too zany" for her to handle, with Stanley agreeing, still traumatized by his skateboarding incident. Unfortunately, Sid had overheard them and, offended by what her parents really think of her ideas, sadly and angrily tells them that she done helping, and runs off. Becca tries to apologize, but a conga line cuts them off.

At the marmoset cage, Adelaide tells Uncle Monty that they escape through the east gate of the zoo. Exiting the cage, Paul spots Adelaide holding a marmoset and proceeds to give chase. Adelaide successfully evades Paul by hiding in the zoo's security room. Looking at the console, Adelaide sees a giant red button with the letter "E" on it. Thinking it opens the east gate, she presses it, but the intercom reveals that it actually opens all of the zoo's animal enclosures. With all the gates in the zoo open, all of the animals end up roaming around the zoo. As Becca feels guilty for offending Sid, she and Stanley discover that all of the animals have gotten loose and warns the guests that they need to keep the animals calm, but Carl, oblivious to the chaos, blares his music loudly, causing all the animals to flee through the front gate. As Becca and Stanley chase after the animals, Adelaide sneaks out with visible embarrassment on her face.

At the Chang apartment, as Sid mopes on the couch while asking Froggy II if she's too zany, a news report comes on the TV to report that all the zoo animals have broken loose and are creating chaos all on the streets of Great Lakes City. Alarmed at this sight, Sid runs out of the building to save the animals, but discovers first hand the severity of the situation. Becca and Stanley arrive on a zoo tram and Sid quickly jumps in, with Stanley saying they need a way to get the animals back at the zoo. Thinking hard, Sid remembers that nobody can resist K-pop music, and urges Becca to trust her. Plugging her phone into the tram, she plays Twelve is Midnight music on the loudspeakers, and successfully gets the animals to dance to the music that allows them to directly take them back to the zoo, along with the guests and the marmosets, much to Adelaide's dismay.

With the animals back at the zoo, Sid believes that the zoo is still bound of shutting down, given that they didn't reach their goal. Suddenly, the crowd reveals that they had so much fun dancing to the music that they eagerly offer their donations (even Paul). With the goal reached, Adelaide realizes that the marmosets don't go after all, and Becca apologizes for what she said about Sid earlier, saying that Sid's zaniness is what makes her special. Engaging in a group hug, Adelaide slips out that she was the one responsible for letting the animals loose, but quickly covers up her words by telling Carl to turn up the music, where the guests and animals begin to dance.


Carlos, Frida, Carlota, CJ and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode. Despite being listed in the credits, Sameer has no lines in this episode, but can be heard grunting and screaming.


  • This is the first time Stanley's name is referred in an episode.
  • This episode has several animals that are callbacks to previous episodes:
  • This episode reveals that Sergio and Priscilla have gotten back together, as they are seen dancing together.
  • This episode takes place after "Short Cut", as Carlota and CJ are seen cutting hair together, as well as Carlota having finally perfected her skills thanks to her months of job training from the aforementioned episode.
  • There is a family of marmosets that, like the Loud family, consist of members whose names all start with the same letter. The names of the marmosets are: Marcel, Martine, Madeline, Mason, Monique, Marquise, Macey, Michelle, Marielle, Maurice and Uncle Monty.
  • This episode reveals that Adelaide has her own "crying cabinet" and Stanley serves pizza bao, which he describes as "a perfect fusion of the East and the West, just like [his daughters]."
  • The premise of this episode is similar to that of the Loud House episode "Camped!", as both involve a family trying to obtain the money necessary to keep a location adored by the family open after learning that it will close down soon.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes premiered on the same day.
  • This is the last episode where Nour Jude Assaf voices Sameer.
  • This episode reveals that Yoon and Kwan have since learned how to fly after "No Egrets".
  • Innuendo: When Stanley rides the skateboard, he accidentally flies right into Bitsy's butt.
  • Irony: Becca dismissed Sid's idea with K-Pop, but it turned out the only good idea Sid had.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • While some animals can be taught to skateboard, not all of them can, and some, like Cam, wouldn't physically be able to skateboard.
    • Animals don't usually dance to music, and some of the animals, such as Bitsy, danced in ways that would be physically impossible to in real life.
  • On April 28, 2022, the Russian feed of Nickelodeon closed during a rerun of this episode.[1]

Dub facts

  • In the Croatian dub this is the last episode in which Nikica Viličić voices Sid Starting with the episode Operation Popstar she has new voice actress.


  • Zoo-mergency! - The title of this episode is a portmanteau of "zoo" and "emergency".
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - At the beginning, Adelaide performs the same dance performed by 3 & 4 95472 in this 1965 special.
  • Jurassic Park - The way the water in Stanley's cup ripples from the vibrations of the animals is similar to how the T-rex's stomping was signaled by a cup of rippling water from this 1993 film.
  • Reno 911! - Carlos Alazraqui's voice for the zoo security guard in this episode is a reference to his character in this show.
  • The Pied Piper - The Changs using music to lure animals is similar to this fairytale.


  • Some TV listings mistakenly label this episode as "Zoomergency!"
CS2E14 Nico's plate clips through a picnic table.png
  • When the monkeys are walking with cupcake-covered plates, Nico's plate clips through a picnic table in one frame.
CS2E14 A patron's arm clips through someone else's hair.png
  • When the crowd cheers after the funds go high enough to save the zoo from closing down, one of the patron's arms clips through a woman's hair.


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